6 feb. 2015

Canción del anuncio del Jeep Renegade

Canción Original completa clicando AQUÍ


here we are
another story ,another journey,
today ,tomorrow on the flashlights tourney
A sand dune made of gold ,
passion assault
time to forgive and never forget,
together, whatever in a golden jet set
Landing on the shores of a lake
and what i give is what i take.

Over the green my thoughts run so free
straight as an arrow and strong as a tree
i’ve got roots growing down the water
Hard steps are not alibi and it does’t matter.
Across a river and through a island
sky is the limit but skyline is my horizon.
i’m true , you are true, we are true,
It’s the rebel rendezvous.

My music is the wind
and my light is a fire
A never-ending path is what i desire.
As a King in a Castle my wheel is my muscle
Better run faster
power in a tunnel
I’m the lion and the master in my concrete jungle.
You may say i’m a gambler
but you are wrong I’m the gamechanger.

Not a magician neither a wizard
thousand of skins more than a lizard
I don’t need a flag to be revolutionary
transforming the ordinary into something Extraordinary
Made for sharing without no compromise
I’m connected to my freedom
from sunset to sunrise
I draw my own lines with
no regrets and no lies
creativity never sleeps
so neither do I.

Now concentrate time to elevate
dont hesitate
Me, myself and I
it’s in my blood , I’m a Renegade.

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